Squirrel Trappers and Wildlife Removal & Control Services

Squirrel Trappers and Wildlife Removal and Control Services

Professional Squirrel Trapping, Removal and Control Services in Orlando, Orange County, Kissimmee, Maitland, Longwood, Sanford, and Central Florida

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Squirrels, with their adorable and fuzzy appearance, often bring joy to people when spotted in parks and gardens. However, when these charming critters find their way into our homes or businesses, they swiftly transform into a serious nuisance. Squirrels possess the ability to chew through wires, damage insulation, and even trigger fires. Furthermore, their potential to carry diseases that can harm humans underscores the urgency of addressing squirrel infestations promptly and safely.

Effectively managing squirrel infestations involves the careful approach of trapping and removing them from the affected area. It is crucial to exercise caution when undertaking squirrel trapping and removal.

Squirrels are carriers of various diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans through contact with their feces or urine. Salmonella is one such disease, manifesting symptoms like diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. Another concern is leptospirosis, which can lead to flu-like symptoms and, if untreated, result in liver and kidney damage.

Beyond disease transmission, squirrels can host fleas and ticks capable of transmitting illnesses such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever to humans. The potential health ramifications of these diseases underscore the importance of early detection and treatment.

When feeling threatened, squirrels can exhibit aggression, armed with sharp teeth and claws that pose a risk of injury. Moreover, improperly secured traps may allow squirrels to escape, presenting potential harm to people or property.

In addition to the direct impact on human health and safety, squirrels can significantly affect the environment, particularly when introduced into non-native areas. Their activities, including damaging trees and vegetation, can result in soil erosion and ecological imbalances. Furthermore, competition with native species for food and resources may disrupt local ecosystems.

The Significance of Professional Squirrel Trapping and Removal Services

Addressing squirrel infestations requires the expertise of professional wildlife removal services. These specialists possess the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively remove squirrels from homes and businesses, minimizing risks to people and the environment.

Professional wildlife removal services employ humane trapping methods prioritizing the well-being of the animals. They are equipped with the necessary tools to safely remove squirrels from elevated locations without causing harm. Additionally, these services employ eco-friendly and non-toxic methods to address squirrel infestations, ensuring that the environment remains unharmed throughout the process. If you are dealing with a squirrel infestation, it is advisable to enlist the services of a professional wildlife removal service for a safe and effective resolution.

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